Moving on to School

Attending nursery is just the start of your child’s educational journey. We aim to give children the best start in life through our caring and nurturing environment. By spending the year before they start school in a well-structured and engaging pre-school, led by qualified teachers, by the end of pre-school our children are confident and ready for the next step in their education at primary school.

Ashbridge School provides continuity of care and education for your child; retaining the focus on learning outdoors, providing a nurturing environment, ensuring children are challenged and achieve and developing the whole child as they move through primary school. Children at our nurseries receive priority for places at Ashbridge School and we provide a smooth transition for both you and your child. By playing out with the school children, eating lunch in the dining hall and attending some assemblies children are well prepared for the transition to school. Children start spending time with the Reception class teacher each week in the summer term, visiting their classroom just along the corridor from their current classrooms. We hold Moving Up events as well as meetings for parents so when they time comes for children to move into Ashbridge Reception the transition is seamless.

Children moving on to other primary schools are equally as well prepared, as they too are used to playing and learning with older children and have had the benefit of a focussed pre-school education led by qualified teachers. We work with all local primary schools during the summer term to facilitate teachers coming to meet children at nursery, provide information that is requested and providing advice and guidance to parents.

Whatever path your child takes after Ashbridge Nursery, you can be sure they are as prepared as they possibly can be for the next stage of their educational journey.