Qualifications: BSc PGCE

Career overview: I joined Ashbridge at Maxy Farm in October 2018 after teaching in Primary Schools for over 7 years. I started as a practitioner, then progressed to a Room Leader and then began working as an EY teacher in September 2019.

Professional interests: I am passionate about learning through play and love to see the children in my class increase in confidence, develop social skills, and learn essential early skills in Maths and Literacy, whilst ‘just playing!’ I aim to provide the children with exciting, engaging activities that motivate them to attempt and master new skills, as well as fostering a love of learning. The outdoor ethos at Maxy Farm is what attracted me in the first place and I enjoy finding new ways to take learning outside. I believe strongly in the importance of nurturing the children’s happiness and well-being and feel that personal, social and emotional skills are as essential for their future as academic progress.

Personal interests: In my own time, I enjoy listening to an playing music on the piano and flute.  I also enjoy walking and swimming.  I love spending time with my family; my husband and two children, Joshua and Jeremy, who both attend Maxy Farm.