Policies and Procedures

We have an extensive range of policies and procedures which are in place to ensure our children and staff can learn and work in a safe, caring and well-managed environment. A selection of our policies and procedures can be found below and can be provided as a paper copy by contacting us.  If you would like to see policies on anything not covered here please contact us.

All policies apply to school and all nurseries unless otherwise stated and are written in line with Government legislation and guidance, OFSTED requirements and ISI regulations.


Anti Bullying Strategy
Behaviour Policy and Procedures 
Children Missing Education
Confidentiality Statement 
Diversity and Equal Opportunities
English as an Additional Language
EYFS curriculum
First Aid
Health and Safety Statement 
Health and Safety Policy
Holiday Care Information
Key Person Policy
Late and Non Collection of Child 
Medical Exclusion Procedures
Milk and Bottle Feeding
Missing Child 
Nursery Welcome Pack 
Parent Partnership
Prevent Duty
Primary Curriculum 
Privacy Notice
Relationships Policy
Rest and Sleep EYFS
Safeguarding and Child Protection Policy
School Welcome Pack
Technology and Online Safety Policy 
Vision Statement
Welcome Pack School 

Terms and Conditions
Ashbridge Independent School
Ashbridge Nursery, Ashbridge Nursery at Maxy Farm, Ashbridge on Ribble, The Fledglings
Holiday Care 

What’s Happening?


- 4 hours ago

@BodenMr: Good morning from @YMCALakeside. We've had our breakfast and are starting to wake up a little. Excited for today's adventures. @ashbridgeschool https://t.co/nmsE9ZEUQN
h J R

- 4 hours ago

@Ashbridge_Sport: Great first day at @YMCALakeside today, kids explored different forms of team work and collaboration on the nightline, and @BodenMr and Miss Roskell showed the kids a trick or two in netball after dinner! Children are excited for what's in store tomorrow! @ashbridgeschool https://t.co/HpxIsKUW8C
h J R

- 17 hours ago

@BodenMr: An evening in the sun. Playing games and skimming stones. The Lake District is a truly wonderful place. @ashbridgeschool @YMCALakeside @Ashbridge_Sport https://t.co/PIHlWWKKF7
h J R

- 17 hours ago

@MissSeaton: Some of the children went to the library with Mrs Hartley to learn about how to find books in a library. @_MrsHartley https://t.co/fdeeTmAwCP
h J R