Ashbridge Independent School,

Our primary school in Preston is a place for children to feel safe and learn valuable skills in a comfortable environment. We provide high-quality teaching inside and outside of the classroom so that children can learn in different settings. 

As well as outstanding teaching, we offer wraparound care for those who need it. We know how busy life can get, so we offer care before school starts and an after-school club. This additional care service is available at no extra cost to Ashbridge Independent School children of all ages. Our Primary School in Preston before and after-school care provides children with the opportunity to continue learning and making new friends. 

Along with additional care, school meals are included in the fees for all children attending our private school in Preston. The children have access to a menu of healthy and nutritious meals. We often incorporate festivals and events into the menu so children can try new recipes. Extra food items are available to children utilising the wraparound care at our primary school in Preston. 

Ashbridge is a fantastic option if you’re looking for a cost-effective primary school in Preston. Our independent school fees cover a range of extra services, such as additional care, school meals and some trips. 

We encourage children of all ages to participate in school trips. As a school, we recognise the importance of developing skills outside the classroom. Many trips are included in our fees. Children at Ashbridge Independent School in Preston also learn a brass instrument as part of the school curriculum. 

Our goal at Ashbridge is to develop confident individuals who have a great understanding of the world around them. Our primary school in Preston ensures children are happy when learning and exploring. 

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