Welcome to Ashbridge Preparatory School, Preston.

There are many ways in which a school is judged, be it data from assessment tests, the facilities it offers, the quality of the curriculum and its teaching staff or even the number of car parking spaces available for parents; in all of these we excel! But I think it should be judged by its pupils, the children, who are a reflection not only of their own families but also of the experiences they have enjoyed and learned from at school. All visitors to Ashbridge preparatory school in Preston are extremely impressed by the children they come across. Friendly, confident, capable and curious, Ashbridge pupils love to learn and really benefit not only from a rigorous academic curriculum but from a deep understanding and shared belief in the importance of strong pastoral care and a personal development programme that includes opportunities to develop as individuals. Pupil leadership features heavily at all ages and a thriving House System ensures all children are able to take part in competition and represent their House whether it be in House Art, the Swimming Gala, the House Quiz or on Sports Day to name but a few. The extended day and wrap-around care available at our private school in Lancashire gives parents the reassurance that their children are being well cared for at any time in the day. The huge number of clubs and enrichment activities each term adds much to the academic education they receive at our school in Preston. I am very proud to be the Headteacher at Ashbridge Independent School, Preston and would be happy to welcome you to the school so you can meet the amazing children who make it so special.

Karen Mehta


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