Ethos and Aims

Empowering young minds through respect and nurture.

We believe that the achievement of academic success and the nurturing of self-confidence and positive attitudes to life and learning lay essential foundations for a child’s future.

Our staff encourage children to achieve highly across a broad spectrum of learning experiences. Creative, artistic, social and sporting activities are promoted right from the start and this ensures that individual talents and abilities are quickly recognised and nurtured.

We have high expectations of our children and expect them to give of their best at all times. We have listed our vision and values below.


To instil in our children; a keen curiosity for learning, the confidence to be creative, innovative thinking skills, and respect for themselves, others and the wider world. To follow a nurturing ethos and build positive family partnerships which promote a happy and adventurous childhood.


Our values are at the centre of the Ashbridge experience, and wholly based on what we believe children need to thrive. Whether a child is 3 months old or 11 years old, our values remain the same with the implementation of them tailored to each child’s needs, age and stage of development.

We are committed to: 

  • Empowering children to achieve highly and experience success, realising their individual aspirations. 
  • Respecting children and ensuring their voice is always heard.
  • Nurturing self-confidence and a positive attitude to life, encouraging resilience and the ability to learn from their experiences.
  • Immersing children in inspiring environments full of opportunities for learning, exploration and discovery.
  • Recognising and celebrating the uniqueness of each child to support their interests and help them to pursue their passions.
  • Providing extensive and varied outdoor learning experiences to allow children to develop a deep love and respect for the natural world and encourage a sense of adventure.
  • Prioritising the development of positive relationships to foster the qualities of kindness, compassion and respect.
  • Offering an innovative and well-balanced curriculum encompassing a broad range of learning opportunities.

What’s Happening?

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